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irate Canuck fans and making Vancouver look like any American city on a Tuesday night. In their early days, the Vancouver Ice-Men struggled mightily. They got off to a bad start when they lost the coin toss with the Buffalo Sabres in 1970, for first pick in the draft. Sabres got Gilbert Perreault-a real end to end action jackson type & Hall of Famer-first(1st), while Vancouver got Dale Tallon second(2nd).You heard me. Dale Tallon.

The Canucks also had the misfortune of employing Todd Bertuzzi, a monumental cement-head who nearly killed a guy. 2024

Joe, Joe, JOE! Wake up! C'mon I don't wanna once knew this old lady that owned a cute little trailer but they took it from her. Granny, have you ever inquired about gender reasignment?

TRUMP 2024

: The self-described billionaire boasts about his "fabulous home," a $21 million estate in a Beverly Hills gated community, complete with a guest house and a full-size basketball court. But that's not all, he insists. It's the inside that is the really luxurious.

He takes up three floors and boasts that his sprawling 11,494 square feet is home to 42-inch TV screens, a full gym and the finest food in the any one hear Joe Biden speak at the FEMA convention?

Dear God what have we done? Not only did he name his sons Alley and Octane, but there is now a hockey stick jammed into the swamp. Alley claims to know nothing about it, but his association with the re-election campaign will surly end corn pops reign. TRUMP 2024

Oops! Time to grab the tub of bon-bons and watch the evening news. Must watch. Must believe. Must watch and believe. They wouldn't lie. They couldn't lie. It still made no sense."I didn't vote for that tackout!" Alley said. "Neither time!"

Octane looked up from his Gameboy. "Nice hockey stick, you tardball." The cat suddenly jumped up and the knees, huh? Just don't see you juggling plastic bags out in front of stores anymore. You enjoy that palatial Beehive, tuutz.

TRUMP SUCKS. Alley kept trying to get the point across. He was about to start at the firefighter academy, so time was limited. But Floyd was a real nice man. 8 criminal convictions, 4 years spent in prison, but my favorite was when he pointed a loaded gun at the belly of a pregnant woman during a robbery. He's my hero! What a good man he was. Now his family gets over 50 million dollars. I wonder what kind of drugs they're now going to be able to afford. I predict drug overdose deaths in the coming year for other members of his really nice family. Thank you democrat liberals for this and what's to come.

God bless the police, the military, and first responders.

God bless America or what's left of it.

: Alley knew what he had to do. There was only one way to fix all of this before he started at the academy. Octane would back him up. The brothers walked to the supermarket and bought three more eggs to the fucking moron. Why don't you get a life?

Octane had a moment of clarity. This was all a distraction! Why were they still worrying about the cats? He was vaccinated. So was Alley. Let the retards kill themselves off! Even the Jews weren't important now.

Armed with a new perspective, Octane went to reasonable facsimile of HELL and checked in at the Diarrhea Bar, where he met up with Moron Guy, who had died unnoticed 6 months before. Octane and Moron devised a plan to change the course of the world. This was going to be epic, they just needed a supply of numbers to call in order to feel something, anything in their wretched lonely lives.

Biden has been president for 15 months. Just ask him - he'll tell you.

: )


Alley's first day at the Fire academy was exciting. He was actually there! He did hope Octane remembered to turn off the thus cutting off an old woman's mental health outlet. How're they hanging, Granny?

Never forget about President Donald Trump.

I voted for Biden-can I take my vote back?

Drank beer out of your happy little trailer then I crushed the cans and threw them in the trash. Really though, who still drinks alcohol? That garbage is nothing but addictive poison. Drink water like an adult!

Octane panicked. The lights were all broken. This was a serious kind of sorry. The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service. ...contribute to our story.


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